Android APP Compatibility Solution

Telpo Telephone+ Solution for application compatibility

With rapid development of global voice network & smart devices, there are a lot of excellent applications appearing, especially for different industry. Telephone compatible with Android APP is the big trend of Voip solution.To reduce labor cost and increase ROI, to make the professional compatibility solution, Telpo designed a series of smart Android telephones for adding industry applications. Telpo shares SDK/API with users for perfect compatible and satisfying all of needs.

Can be used in here with various Android APP

 Hotel with guest room APP or reception desk APP

Enterprise with voice office APP

Restaurant with dinner & desk booking APP

Ticket center with ticket booking APP

Call center with call center APP

Customer service center with CRM APP

Security room with monitor APP

Building with door monitor APP


Carrying with Android OS, increasing user operability & man-machine interaction

Telpo provides API telephone SDK/API, to make easily compatible with application

 Excellent appearance with various connections, flexible for networking

 Large IPS screen, 7-inch vertical or 10-inch horizontal for satisfying all of needs

Telpo always focus on different kinds of  VoIP solutions, We have the speciality for telephone Compatible With Android APP, click and see more telecom solutions and industry solutions!

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