Enterprise Application Solution

Telpo Smart Desk Phone for Carrying Enterprise Application

With the development of enterprise needs, there are still a lot of enterprises using inflexible way to communication, which exist a lot of limitations.

Now a Best Solution for You!
   Telpo android telephones are the all-new smart desktop devices, designed for carrying third-party applications. They are not only a series of desk phones, but a flexible compatible platform. 
Using Telpo client SDK, you can put your application into these eye-catching devices, and start your instant and seamless communication with the amazing guest experience in your workflows & business processes.

As a part of application solutions, we can create opportunities for deep interaction, and focus on the specific needs of your industry like hospitality, healthcare, smart city & smart home, enterprise, government, restaurant, call center, security, more.

Break the limit of thought, create endless new possibilities.

Some third-party applications functions can be done

The images shown here are simulated third-party applications functions. These functions are examples of what Telpo desk phones and Telpo client SDK can potentially do. They are not planned for delivery by Telpo as parts of the smart desk phones offer.

Carrying with Android OS, increasing user operability & man-machine interaction

Telpo provides telephone SDK/API, to make easily compatible with application

Excellent appearance with various connections, flexible for networking

Large IPS screen, 7-inch vertical or 10-inch horizontal for satisfying all of needs

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