Army Family Phone

Telpo Android Smart Phone/ Army Family Phone contain 6 different models as follows.
7inch vertical Android smart phone series: 
V100 (IP), V101 (PSTN), V102 (4G+PSTN)
10inch horizontal Android smart phone series: 
V100 (IP), V101 (PSTN), V102 (4G+PSTN)

Let’s begin a trip to know the Army Family Phone

Usually traditional Army Family Phone is just common telephone which can only achieve fundamental call function, without further multi-choice services. 
Telpo Army Family Phone with Android 5.1 OS, can be powered by many related applications to provide diversified functions, such as video call application which allows soldiers to make video calls with families, and army management application which announce latest notices to soldiers, and many other army applications.

V20 horizontal smart phone series
10inch IPS touch-screen, 1280*800 resolutions

V10 vertical smart phone series

7inch IPS touch-screen, 800*1280 resolutions

Telpo Army Family Phone is embedded with 5-Megapixel camera. The camera of V10 series can rotate up and down, and can be turned off by hard switch. The camera of V20 series are angle -adjustable, and support diversified usage scenario.

Telpo Army Family Phone accesses into network through network cable or WIFI. It can provide the router function for other terminals with its LAN port or WIFI hotspot function.