Smart Nursing Home

Guangdong Telpo smart nursing home intelligent terminal is a kind of Android telephone for the aged in China and worldwide. With the fashion design and the advanced product technology concept, Telpo intelligent voice terminal allows kinds of smart nursing home applications, and become a comprehensive terminal for Elderly life and entertainment. In a addition, we offer the customization and the voice SDK for partners to integrate with software for more functions or further development. In this page, we will introduce more about smart nursing home intelligent voice terminal.

Android 5.1 configure APPs of smart nursing home

V20 smart telephone is running on Android 5.1 operating system, and we offer the voice function SDK to partners to make the integration with other functions and system so that become a perfect hardware carrier dedicated terminal for apps of smart nursing home. Besides, with the high configuration of quad core CPU, 1/2G RAM and 8/16G Flash, V20 smart telephone can stably operate. 

Unique design of camera brings high quality experience

V20 smart telephone utilize serious unique designs of camera: 5 megapixel, backlight imaging, wide-angle camera. And the special is the camera can adjust the angle to 210°that can satisfy more scenes of smart nursing home.

Design for many kinds of application scenario

V20 smart telephone configure apps of nursing home system, and can be used in video chat, remote consultation and obtain some health knowledge. It’s not only utilized in family and nursing home but also in medical and health department, government service agencies and so on. These application scenarios all dedicated to provide more safety, concern and humanistic services.

The aged also operate easily with large screen

V20 serious terminal equipped 10 inch IPS HD touch screen, 1280x800 high definitions and Multi-Touch. The large operate interface and the exquisite UI design make the operation more fluent so that it’s easy for the aged to operate.

Various port for more flexible functions 

V20 smart telephone can be connected to Internet by WAN or WIFI, and provide a telephone line port for user to make and receive calls. Besides, the smart telephone also support Bluetooth and USB for multiple applications of medical electronic equipment.

Call recording prevent missing message

V20 smart telephone support calls recording, the aged can record the call in case of missing message. 

Address list makes communication more convenient

V20 smart telephone address list include these functions: contact group, add avatar, add phone number, mark common number and distinguish Anti-fraud harassment number. That make the operation more safe and convenient for the aged.

More special features

The more is, calendar, clock, album, search and browser are all the special features for users’ demand. 

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