Smart Video Intercom System

Telpo smart video intercom system is based on IPPBX and UC system which are both independent research and development. It can not only provide services like voice intercom, video intercom, publish announcement information and system monitoring, but also can offer smart telephone and mobile phone intercom apps for more customized VoIP solutions with the mode of “ System platform+ Smart phone+ Mobile phone intercom app”.

Besides, Telpo adopt open cooperation mode, we offer the smart video intercom system for partners and system integrator to integrate more functions. 

The characteristics of Telpo smart video intercom system

Based on IP networking, engineering construction is more efficient:

Telpo smart video intercom system construct the network base on IP, can deploy the system quickly in the original network and no need to integrated wiring. In where can not fixed network laying, Telpo smart video intercom system can also use the WiFi to integrated wiring and make the engineering construction more effective.

Cloud platform, Carrier-grade:

The core equipment of Telpo smart video intercom system is the IP PBX which is independent research and development. This IP PBX is already widely used in three operators in China because of its stable performance and large capacity, large concurrency.

System platform+ smart phone+ APPS:

Telpo smart video intercom system can match the smart phone and apps optionally, and partners and integrators can integrate more functions more flexible by the mode of “System platform+ smart phone+ APPS”.

Diversified cooperation mode

Guangdong Telpo utilize the open cooperation mode, we can offer the overall solution, the functional customization and the functional module to be integrated.

The application of Telpo smart video intercom system

The application of Telpo smart video intercom system is extensive because it has the voice intercom and video communication functions, and also offer some functional module for partner to be integrated. Next, we will introduce more about how our partners integrate these functions to develop more system solutions.

"Audio + Video Surveillance" linkage application case:

Case 1: Highway IP Intercom System

Chen Manager, cooperate with Telpo in “Traffic IP Intercom” field, introduces that:

“Cooperating with Telpo, originated from a pain point in our industry: Our original highway intercom program is more based on speech. To understand the situation of the scene, we must use a computer to access the camera monitoring interface. The disadvantages of this are still very obvious: I have to answer the phone  while using the computer to manually check the monitoring of the nearby, it's inconvenient to operate.”

"However, Telpo smart video intercom system is a good solution to this problem: through the effective linkage of “audio + video surveillance”, When Telpo smart phone answers the call for help, it can directly display the monitor interface of the incident on the screen of the phone, which is more convenient and efficient.”

"The effective linkage of "audio + video surveillance" is also very experienced for Guangdong Telpo:  Telpo smart video intercom system only needs to connect with our original IP monitoring system when completing the intercom terminal access, and can transfer the retrieved surveillance video media stream to the smartphone monitoring the duty room. The effective linkage of "audio + video monitoring" can be realized is because that Telpo intelligent video intercom system adopts a standard platform interface and hierarchical system structure design, and the entire program is relatively stable and reliable.”

"In the next step, we plan to integrate the handset intercom app that is supported by Telpo intelligent video intercom system into our solution and give it to our customers like road officers, patrol officers, traffic policemen to download and install. This will enable more convenient intercom services, so that the concept of Telpo smart video intercom system "platform + smart phone + mobile phone APP" can better serve our customers.”

"video intercom + real-time supervision" application case 

Case 1: Smart Medical Visual Intercom System

Zhang Manager, cooperate with Telpo in “Smart Medical IP Intercom” field, introduces that:

“Our company is engaged in the medical industry information program .First we began to cooperate with Telpo to jointly build the internal office telephone system and voice intercom system in the hospital. Then, the concept of "smart medicine" is more and more popular , we also want to keep up with the trend of the times, carry out innovations in application programs, and provide better services to our customers.”

  “After that, we found that in the intensive care unit, rehabilitation institutions and nursing homes, there were a need for video remote visits, so we found Guangdong Telpo, and created the “Wisdom Medical Visual Visiting System”. The characteristic of this system is that can achieve local, remote visual access by a dedicated smart video phone, mobile phone APP. For more sensitive visits like in ICU, we can conduct visits, arrangements, monitoring, interjection, recording, video recording, monitoring, storage, retrieval and other functions.”

  “This solution except in technological innovation, I also think that Tianbo has an in-depth understanding of the user experience: because this program provides patients, families, and doctors with great convenience and caring, and through this Innovation effectively improves patient satisfaction and overall brand image in medical institutions.”

Case 2:Drug rehabilitation center VoIP solution/Prison Long-distance Visual Visit System

Let us take a look at some of the functions of Drug rehabilitation center/Prison Long-distance Visual Visit System:

Meeting appointment:  It can be connected with the prison information management system to realize the registration and arrangement of the meeting and guarantee the orderly conduct of the visit.

Long-distance interview:  The use of dedicated video smart phone terminal to achieve video interviews with family members and drug addicts/reformers, reflecting humanistic care and improving the outcome of the transformation.

Mobile meeting:  The system can provide remote visiting mobile phone APP for the families of labor reform people  to install,so that can achieve remote video access without leaving home.

Security Supervision:  Supports real-time monitoring of video and voice during the interview process. It can monitor, intrude, and demolish the interview to ensure that the meeting process is  controlled.

Meeting records:  The meeting process automatically generates MP4 file records, which can be viewed at any time according to  management needs.

Information Security:   The use of judicial exclusive IP network  deployment to ensure information security, while using mobile, China Unicom dual line, to ensure network redundancy.

More Application Cases Of Wisdom Video Intercom

It is precisely because Telpo adopts an open cooperation model that can provide "Smart Video Intercom System" function modules to partners for system integration, we can see many successful case of Telpo in different industries.

Well, that’s all about the topic of Telpo "Intelligent Visual Intercom System". If you are interested in this system platform, please contact the business personnel of Telpo in Guangdong directly!