Highway Emergency Call Solution

Telpo smart ip intercom system is based on IPPBX and UC system which are both independent research and development. It can not only provide services like voice intercom, video intercom, publish announcement information and system monitoring, but also can offer smart telephone and mobile phone intercom apps for more customized VoIP intercom solutions with the mode of “System platform+ Smart phone+ Mobile phone intercom app”.

Besides, Telpo adopt open cooperation mode, we offer the smart video intercom system for partners and system integrator to integrate more functions.

Disadvantages of traditional ip intercom

Now many IP intercom systems on the market are just based on voice, if you want to check the situation of the scene, you have to transfer the camera monitoring interface by computer. It’s inconvenient for the operator to retrieve monitoring screen while answering the phone.

So, many customers find to us, we interconnect the original "IP Intercom System" with Telpo’s "IP Video Intercom", and achieve an effective interaction of “audio intercom + video surveillance”. When you answering the phone for help, you can also check the monitoring interface on Telpo’s smart telephone at the same time, this is more convenient and efficient.

Traditional school intercom system

The problem Telpo can solve

Complex circuit, High maintenance costs

Cloud platform deployment, easy maintenance

IP intercom device+computer, high cost of equipment

Replace the traditional mode, easy operate, lower cost

High cost of each help terminal

H5 voice intercom: just one QR code can fix the problem

IP video intercom device better to replace the traditional IP microphone + computer mode.

H5 voice intercom is a better way to supplement the traditional of asking for help.

Target client

Our target client is the system integrator and school intercom system company. Our vision is to focus on upgrading the intercom system, become the expert in audio-video cloud intercom platform.

IP video intercom device introduction


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