HTML 5 Softphone Emergency Call

Emergency call solution is very important for many places because it provide reliable communication method when people face to accidents or others emergency. That is the reason why we often need the emergency call solution in some places like highways, parking lost, tunnels, railways, and so on.

However, there are some drawbacks in current emergency call solutions. In current solution, we need to set some devices on site, such as emergency phone, switch device, etc. Also, we need to maintain those devices in future, which makes a high cost for us. Secondly, there are a lot of complex wiring on site, like traditional analog lines or normal IP lines, all those complex lines need to be built on site. Moreover, there is some distance between the emergency phones, sometimes people maybe can not find a phone when in an emergency, it is limitation to set more emergency call lots.

In order to solve those drawbacks of the traditional emergency call system, Telpo distribute a new solution, called Telpo HTML 5 emergency call solution, which by scanning QR code to get HTML 5 soft phone, then make a free call to call center to ask for help.

What Telpo solution can help to solve?
1.Low cost, No need to set lots of devices or wires on site, only need Telpo Android desktop phone as call center phone.
2.Flexible deployment, Easy to deploy the server with cloud or enterprise side. Easy  to set emergency lots on site.
3.Convenience, Easy to cover emergency lots as more as possible, just need to have mobile phone to seek help.

How it works and how to connect?
1.When you’re in an emergency , just need to scan QR Code on site, turn to HTML 5 soft phone website and use one key to call out.
2.Call goes through Cloud PBX system or PBX system in the engine-room.
3.Call center phone rings immediately.
4.Make free call between the help seeker and call center, get the help from the center.

What functions can we achieve in this solution?
1.HTML 5 Soft phone . Scanning QR code on site, turn to HTML 5 soft phone WEB interface on your mobile phone, make free call to get help.
2.Free Emergency Call, There is free call between the help seeker and call center, just need to use your data service on your mobile phone.
3.Rich Call Features, Rich and professional call features in Telpo PBX system, Telpo can provide free API for compatible with call center system.

Such a good emergency call solution requires only a few simple products, smart IP phone and PBX server with HTML 5 call feature. You can buy all those products from Telpo. Based on our 19 years experience in unified communication industry, we produce high-quality, cost-effective products and also available provide ODM&OEM services.If you have any interests about this HTML 5 emergency call solution and products, welcome to contact Telpo to get more details, Let’s thrive together!

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