Video Intercom Access Control

Telpo has fairly mature video and voice access control solutions, which are used widely in offices, residence communities, factories, industrial parks, parking lots, etc.

Now we had added latest facial recognition security system into Telpo solution.


Constitute of network structure of solution

1. Facial recognition security: Android access control devices in building gates.

2. Video intercom: Smart Video IP phones in companies’ offices, usually placed on receptionist’s desk.

3. Available connection for phones in companies can be a large number.


Telpo maximum connection for phones and access control devices is up to 10,000. All above terminals are connected with high performance SIP server though Ethernet wire.

No need to add additional system, save resources and reduces cost.


Why choose Telpo video intercom facial recognition security system?


Comparing old door intercom access control solution and Telpo solution

Old door intercom access control solution
Telpo access control solution
 Cannot record visitors and staff information when they enter or exist.

 Visitor recording, remote monitor, free call to promise a safe environment for  office or community. 

 1. Forget the code or RFID card, unable to enter.
 2. Receptionist unable to know who the visitor is if she can’t see visitor’s face or talk to him/her.

 More convenient and reliable: 
 Open the door only with face of authorized person , without code or card. 
 Visitor can make free video call to receptionist, receptionist can see who he/she is.

 Mess wire and additional system. 
 More labor cost in ITC. 

 More economical: 
 Easy wiring, connect with IP Ethernet cable, easy to manage, low cost.

 Not smart enough:
 Take longer time when clock in or clock out for attendance.

 Face recognition to pass access, time attendant, free intercom call, one key to  open door, APP remote control 

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