IP Android Nurse Call System Promoted Healthcare Communication

DATE:2018-09-20 15:34:02

As the largest generation (baby boomers) are reaching the senior years, medical resources are getting tighter. However, patients' expectations for better hospital service and higher efficiency continue to increase. More and more people are willing to spend a little more money to get better and more efficient medical services. 

Nurse call system plays an important role in hospital productivity and streamlines patient care. Hospitals and healthcare facilities deal with life and death. Every single second matters and can make the difference. Nurse call and notification systems not only need to be fast, accurate, but also clear and reliable. Now many new hospitals or clinics prefer to choose the more advanced IP nurse call system, which is more cost-effective with more value added features and stability.

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IP is a standard network protocols. IP nurse call system allows to transmit data across networks, instead of only voice in the traditional nurse call system. So the new system can offer options and possibility for fashionable communications. Below is an IP based nurse desk phone. The Android based telephone enables efficient data management and call management, and makes it easy for staff to manage, identify and prioritize calls and minimize response times - with the minimum number of steps.

The phone is integrated a Nurse call software designed by a company in Malaysia. The different colors or logo of calls indicates different priority of events. The response time is recorded in the system and shown on the phone to supervise and urge relative staff to deal with patient needs as soon as possible, in which way hospital improves patients satisfactory and work efficiency.

Integrating an IP-based nurse call system with other IP-based environment control systems, can also give the patient greater control of their own environment, which can improve their hospital experience. It also frees clinical staff from having to attend to so many non-clinical requests from patients.

Today’s IP Android phones can also be integrated into a more comprehensive healthcare system, it helps to streamline the workflow in hospitals. Staff can get in time message for any event and operate easily on the screen. For patient admission/discharge, the nurses knows which beds are available in what time and they can make best arrangements for patients, who no need to wait to be placed into beds for a long time. Similarly, when patients ready to go home are discharged quicker. This provides improved bed turnover and increased patient satisfaction.

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