Frequently Asked Questions For The V Series Of Smart Telephone

DATE:2018-12-19 18:56:11

1. Can we upgrade the Android OS in the future?

Now the V100,V101,V102,V200,V201,V202 are all on Android 5.1 OS. The V210 is on Android 7.1 OS. These phones cannot upgrade the Android OS by upgrading the system in the future, because the higher Android version requires higher hardware configuration.


2. Can we use Google play store to download APPs?

Now all of our smart telephones do not support Google service, so we cannot install Google play stores on the phones.

But if customer can provide the APK of the app, we can preinstall it before shipment


3. Can the smart phone support any third party APP?

If the app does not require Google service, and if the APP requires no higher hardware configuration than our smart phone hardware configuration, then the smart phone supports your APP installation.


4. How can we have SDK/API of the phone for software development?

Yes Telpo offers SDK of the phone free of charge. We can send the SDK after NDA is signed. And we offer technical support whenever you have problem.


5. Can we install third party software like Skype, Whatsapp for making free calls ?

You can install these apps on the phone and send message or make calls. But our handset is bound with our dialer by default, so you cannot use our handset for the calls unless the APP programmer uses our SDK for the software integration. Or you can also use Bluetooth earphone and connect to the phone to make a call.


6. Can we have other languages?

Now we have English version, Russian version and French version. For other language please check with the sales.


7. After we install our dialer, how to set our dialer to be the default dialer?

You can do the setting on the phone setting: advance setting-telephony-dialer


8. How can we install our own APP on the phone?

You can enable the “application installation” on web management of the phone then you can install your APP through USB. (Make sure debug mode is off)


9. Can the phone support remote management for the phones?

The voip phones support TR069, if you have web management platform that use TR069, then you can check the status or upgrade the software of the phones on your management system.