Congratulations On The Establishment Of Telpo Smart Cloud Division

DATE:2019-01-09 11:00:17

In order to implement Telpo's new development strategy layout, and to use the “Cloud+Terminal” overall solution as a breakthrough to extend and enhance the competitiveness of the company's intelligent product line, Telpo established the “Smart Cloud Division” at the beginning of the 2019 New Year!

The Intelligent Cloud Division will actively develop cloud platform technology and intelligent intercom technology. Combining the leading position of Telpo intelligent terminal in the industry, keeping up with the development trend of the industry, we will build Telpo's innovative “cloud+Terminal” application system and overall solution around smart buildings, smart home, and smart communities.

The Intelligent Cloud Division will focus on 3 types of products:

Unified Communication

Indoor Unit

SIP Intercom

Telpo adopts an open cooperation mode, and the open interface provides customers with secondary development to adapt to the customer's application platform. Any details please contact:,