4G IP Phone Solution

4G IP telephone is an IP phone that supports network connection through SIM card data. It is where 4G IP telephones are needed?

For areas without wire network coverage, 4G IP telephone is a very convenient telephone to realize VOIP networking, so that people can enjoy the convenience and functional diversity of VOIP.

With Telpo 4G IP phone series, you can easily deploy your VoIP market in SMEs, stores, homes, etc.

How to use the 4G IP telephones? These phones can be used either as normal IP phones, connecting to the IPPBX by WAN port or Wifi, or it can be connected by SIM card data.

The 4G IP phones provides user more flexibility in network deployment, decreasing the cost of wire network and maintenance. At the same time, user can enjoy rich VOIP features. For SIM card supplier, the phones help to increase SIM registered users. 

Telpo provides a series of 4G IP phones for different scenarios. There is basic model with small display and there are models with 7 inch and 10 inch for video calls and application operation. 

Customers can choose different models according to their needs and the below specification comparison for the three models.

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