Intercom System & APK

Telpo provide Intercom System and Intercom APK for various scenarios, including residential buildings, single house, office building, hospital, etc. With free SDK of system and APK, third-party system can be very easy to interface with them.

Telpo Intercom System and APK Networking

Developed on Softswitch, Telpo Intercom System is based on standard SIP protocol, which can be deployed in Cloud, or set server in customer side.

There are two different types of Intercom APK, for indoor terminals and door phones.

Intercom APK in all terminals register to Intercom System, to have a stable network for video intercom.

About Intercom System

Telpo intercom server is developed on Softswitch, which is stable and strong.

It can support Cloud Mode and Server Mode. Flexible installation modes for various projects.

• Cloud Mode: The free Telpo intercom system is set in your Cloud. The cost is effective and the operation is easily.

• Server Mode: Set intercom server in user building side. The network is stable, especially for the large amount of users in a community or building.

Features in System

Telpo Intercom System is focus on SIP calling, the features are mainly including:

• SIP call: Support video and audio call between indoor unit and door phone

• Number configuration and management: Support to configurate numbers to each building and each room. Support unified management and remote configurate SIP number.

• System maintenance: Support system configuration and maintenance.

About Intercom APK

Telpo provide Intercom APK for different terminals, including door phones and indoor units.

We will have free SDK/API for easy integration with other system. 

APK Features

There are two kinds of APK for door phone and indoor unit.

• SIP call between indoor unit and door phone

• Support to open the door with Relay during call

• Can set to time delay to open the door, time enough for visitor to enter the gate.

SDK/API for integrate with third-party system 

Telpo provide Software Development Kit of hardware, APK, system to interface with third-party system.

• If you have whole system, can use our hardware SDK to integrate

• If there is no intercom function in your system, can integrate our SIP intercom system into your system, with our APK and system SDK.