Residential Apartment Buildings

For smart home and smart intercom, Telpo provide a video intercom solution for residential apartment buildings.

In this solution, there are various forms of terminals for different requirement, including indoor units, door phones, access control units.

As well we also provide full SDK and API for third-party system to integrate, for example, can easily integrate with smart home control system.

Telpo Intercom APK is carried by indoor units and door phones, which communicate basing on the standard SIP protocol.

With SIP protocol advantages, they are stable in communication and easy to deploy and maintain.

If you have your own system or application, with Telpo full SDK, terminals are welcome to integrate with your own system.

There are two models available for devices connections, P2P mode and Server mode.

In P2P mode, terminals can connect directly to each other by IP address, can communication without server.

In server mode, all terminals register to server for communications. The intercom server can be set both in Cloud or in customer side.

Telpo provide Software Development Kit of hardware and system to interface with third-party system.

If you have whole system, can put it into our devices with Telpo full SDK

If that is no intercom function in your system, can integrate our SIP intercom system into your system

There are various devices available for different requirement.

• Indoor units: TPX910 for wall mounted, V210/V100 for desktop mounted

• Door phone units: TPS465B with 5’’ screen, TPS467 with 7’’ screen and turnstile supported, TPX920 with 7’’ screen and wall mounted supported

• Server: can support to install in Cloud and in customer side.

Developed on Softswitch, Telpo Intercom System is based on standard SIP protocol, which can be deployed in Cloud, or set server in customer side.

There are two different types of Intercom APK, for indoor terminals and door phones.

Intercom APK in all terminals register to Intercom System, to have a stable network for video intercom.

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