V210 Video Terminal for Online Education

Telpo V210 Remote Education Station is a professional distance education terminal that can only provide online education and video conferencing functions. Solve the problem of children playing games in online class at the source, making remote education more efficient and professional.

Online remote education has the following obvious problems.

1. Weak User experience;

2. Student plays games during online class;

3. Video and film interference;

4. Other entertainment APPs.

To provide a specialized device, V210 with Zoom and DingTalk, performs as online education station for kindergarten children and primary school students. It will help your children away from virus and network interference.

Student and teacher take classes via V210 remote education station connection network.

V210 is a professional distance education terminal integrating audio and video calling, hd video conferencing and video live broadcasting.

With a simple and elegant appearance, V210 is equipped with Android 7.1 system, 10 inch IPS multi touch screen and a wide-angle hd camera that can flip at 210 degrees with 8 megapixels, and supports simultaneous transmission of mainstream and auxiliary stream of hd video conference.

V210 supports mainstream video conference platforms: ZOOM, Dingding, Teams, etc.