V210/V215 for Video Conference

Telpo video conferencing terminal has two models (V210 and V215), both providing high-performance CPU and professional hardware. Use Telpo Video Conferencing Terminal, never have problems like giving away secrets when using laptop, screen too small and always be interfering when using mobile.

V210/V215 with telepresence APPs, special for corporate video conferencing solutions, online education courses, remote health-care, with easy deployment and convenient one-click-use terminal, users can have the face-to-face experience to keep you in a secure environment.

Telpo video conferencing terminal supports integration with multiple mainstream video conference APP, including Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Skype, IMO, Lark, Gotomeeting, Whatspp, etc. You can select the right teleconference APPs for your local users.

The video terminal has already installed some apps by default.

No need to set up a server, Just log in your account to join the meeting.

Dedicated personal office video conferencing terminal to keep business information away from private use, and protect company business information.

Simple UI interface, tap to meet, just select the system's own teleconference software for multi user video conferencing.

(Can pre-install teleconference software)

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