F8 Facial Access Control

Main Features:

Linux, 8-inch,Telpo Cloud, Face Recognition, Mask Detection, Cheating Prevention, Waterproof, Tamperproof, Voice Prompt, Video Intercom, Card Access Control, Flexible Deployment

Robust Aluminum Alloy Body: Adopt solid aluminum alloy material,vandal resistant and tamper-proof design to create excellent heat dissipation effect.

Superb AI Vision Processor: The NPU neural network vision processor RV1109 and Linux4.19 OS empower stronger computing power, powerful image processing and display output capability, efficiently assist accurate operation of the face recognition system.

Linux OS & Android OS Alternative

IR+VL Face Recognition: Equipped with binocular camera to achieve infrared and visual light face recognition, highly matched is  suitable for everyone.

Super Face Computing Power: Introducing world-renowned deep learning algorithm and IR image analysis technology, face recognition can be recognized within 0.4s with up to 99.5% accuracy rate.